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There is so much in to planning a wedding and choosing a wedding photographer.

There are several styles that photographers fall into even if they have a portfolio of all the types. We  as photographers tend to naturally start shooting in one of these areas.

Traditional – This is a lot of posed images capturing every bodies faces almost in a historical event manner, not showing to much action spontaneity or emotion.

Contemporary – More emotion comes out in this style and shows the couples personality. Use of props and less posing is involved, but needs a plan to pull it all together.

photo journalistic – This style relys on the wedding coordinator or a set plan by someone and you see less of the photographer and they capture those stolen moments you don’t realize your being watched.

Artistic –  This can be a lot of all the above and hopefully you know what your photographer is going for and capturing your personality in these.  I see a lot of photographers do some interesting effects in the post work with Photoshop. Some really good ones plan all the props ahead of time, some even are out there as they can have you trash the dress for an unusual shot in the water to some other thing like this.

Which is best for you?  I recommend you pick a photographer that listens to what your needs are and not just one that was falls in your budget and is available.  Ask to see an entire wedding they shot and not just the prize photos he wants to display.  Also if you look at their collection you can probley tell which style they fall into naturally.

i have been told I am a photojournalist photographer with a blend as a contemporary styles.

Please call me if you have a wedding coming up so we can discuss what you want your wedding book to look like.

Kurt Olschner

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