Paying for weddings locations, caterers and event planner can be scary thing, especially when you are trying to pay for it yourself and dont have daddy big bucks backing you.

The attached chart is the average costs for weddings in Larimer County, Colorado. The real truth is It all comes down can what you can afford and not keeping up with the person next door.  You do NOT want to start your marriage off being deeply in debt as it will put a strain on your relationship from the start.  I strongly advise my brides to make this day you have dreamt about since you were a school girl a special one and all you wanted it to be. Do not go crazy trying to stay within this charted averages. The most important thing will always be is going down the isle with your best friend and lover. not how many flowers you had at your wedding.

I as a professional photographer for over 20 years understand the budget brides sometimes have to work in and have packages that can accommodate those.

Please call me so I may assist you in planning your photography needs in your budget for your wedding.

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