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Stone Brook Event Center


What an exciting wedding, and a lot of fun to photograph.  Thank you Mr & Mrs Juarez for letting me being apart of your special day that you will remember forever.  Here are a few samples I loved from that day. Love to hear anyones comments about them on my site.

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Wedding photographer styles

goldenThere is so much in to planning a wedding and choosing a wedding photographer.

There are several styles that photographers fall into even if they have a portfolio of all the types. We  as photographers tend to naturally start shooting in one of these areas.

Traditional – This is a lot of posed images capturing every bodies faces almost in a historical event manner, not showing to much action spontaneity or emotion.

Contemporary – More emotion comes out in this style and shows the couples personality. Use of props and less posing is involved, but needs a plan to pull it all together.

photo journalistic – This style relys on the wedding coordinator or a set plan by someone and you see less of the photographer and they capture those stolen moments you don’t realize your being watched.

Artistic –  This can be a lot of all the above and hopefully you know what your photographer is going for and capturing your personality in these.  I see a lot of photographers do some interesting effects in the post work with Photoshop. Some really good ones plan all the props ahead of time, some even are out there as they can have you trash the dress for an unusual shot in the water to some other thing like this.

Which is best for you?  I recommend you pick a photographer that listens to what your needs are and not just one that was falls in your budget and is available.  Ask to see an entire wedding they shot and not just the prize photos he wants to display.  Also if you look at their collection you can probley tell which style they fall into naturally.

i have been told I am a photojournalist photographer with a blend as a contemporary styles.

Please call me if you have a wedding coming up so we can discuss what you want your wedding book to look like.

Kurt Olschner

Estes Park, Colorado The most desired location for Weddings

estesEstes Park, Colorado The most desired location for Weddings.

Ok, I don’t really know if its official that its the most desired but I bet you can believe it.

With as many Hotels, Event Centers, Lakes, Ranches and open meadows over looking the Mountains and Rocky Mountain National Park. I can see why so many brides are booking their ceremonies and receptions in Estes. It is also home to one of the most attractive Hotels in the Stanley Hotel. Its also no wonder I have seen a lot of weddings postings on the internet at Estes Park, what a remarkable location.

As a landscape and wedding photographer, I highly recommend this area for weddings. It will become very rememberable to you and your guests that attend.  Memories are important on your wedding day live on for many years. but its also important to have an experinced photographer to capture it for this one in a lifetime day.

Please call me so you can book your wedding now for the summer or fall 2014 season and i can help with what photography services you will be needing.

Wedding Budget for Larimer County

Screen-shot-2014-03-13-at-11.28.12-PM-300x262Paying for weddings locations, caterers and event planner can be scary thing, especially when you are trying to pay for it yourself and dont have daddy big bucks backing you.

The attached chart is the average costs for weddings in Larimer County, Colorado. The real truth is It all comes down can what you can afford and not keeping up with the person next door.  You do NOT want to start your marriage off being deeply in debt as it will put a strain on your relationship from the start.  I strongly advise my brides to make this day you have dreamt about since you were a school girl a special one and all you wanted it to be. Do not go crazy trying to stay within this charted averages. The most important thing will always be is going down the isle with your best friend and lover. not how many flowers you had at your wedding.

I as a professional photographer for over 20 years understand the budget brides sometimes have to work in and have packages that can accommodate those.

Please call me so I may assist you in planning your photography needs in your budget for your wedding.

What do men want in a wedding…

manweddingA un-official poll was taken by Glamor Magazine

Here’s what men want—and what they don’t want!—your wedding dress to look like:

“I love strapless and hate poufy. Also, my wife was absolutely smoking on our wedding day.” —Charlie, married, whose wife wore a gorgeous strapless fit-and-flare lace dress (I was at their wedding! He certainly didn’t know those deets!)
“I don’t really notice much, but too poufy is cheesy. Form-fitting is always better. And I give extra points for cleavage.” —Derek, married
“Brides who wear dresses with a crazy-wide bottom, like they’re French aristocrats from the 1820s, kinda look stupid. Also, brides who wear a dress that doesn’t allow them to move are silly.” —Andrew, in a relationship
“I don’t remember any wedding dresses other than yours, but I know I always notice the bad ones, where it feels like the bride is trying too hard. Oh, but I like embroidery. It makes a dress feel classic.” —Rory, married (to me!)
“I like functionality for the dance floor. I don’t like anything poufy or anything nontraditional, including non-white dresses, extra-long trains, anything that shows too much cleavage, and short wedding dresses.” —Ethan, married, whose wife’s dress had a very modest train
“I like simple dresses with spaghetti straps—simple but elegant. I’m NOT into the poufy stuff. And I don’t know what a train is.” —Gary, single
“The simple question is, ‘Does the bride look wonderful?’ Almost always, it’s a yes. A bride’s face, full of joy and happiness, is what I’m most interested in remembering at a wedding. I would really hate to be the guy who responds to this e-mail and says, ‘Well, I thought my wife’s choice of train was shit, but I didn’t say anything.’” —Ned, in a relationship
“Strapless is sexy. Cleavage is sexy, but it’s not appropriate for a wedding, because then guys won’t stop staring! Dresses that sparkle keep our attention. Dresses that are incredibly tight make us worried that you’re going to pass out—and they look odd when you walk. Dresses with wine stains at the end of the night show us you’re finally having a good time!” J, married
“I have been to roughly 8 million weddings and I can say with total honesty that I cannot remember one thing about a single wedding dress. I think they’ve all been white? Yes, I like white wedding dresses. I notice when girls are precious and uncomfortable in their wedding dresses and don’t seem like they want to dance and/or sweat in it. I don’t like that.” —Dave, in a relationship
“The first thing I notice is how the dress fits, then I notice the material it’s made of. I think strapless and non-poufy are more elegant than their counterparts.” –Eli, married, whose gorgeous wife wore a strapless mermaid gown
“I like form-fitting strapless dresses that aren’t too long. The dress shouldn’t be too long because I like it when the bride can dance comfortably. I’m not really a fan of ruffles. I like white, but I don’t think a dress should be so ‘traditional’ that it looks dated.” —Reggie, married
“Let me tell you what I don’t like: poufy shoulders and a dress that is too long running along the floor. A backless dress doesn’t look classy. I like to see shoulders though. And wearing white is important! And the dress should have a high-quality zipper.” —Aaron, married, whose wife’s wedding dress had a broken zipper! Also, he’s in a wedding band, so he’s seen lots of brides!
“Simple is best. I like clean lines. I don’t like a ton of “flair” or poufiness or flowers or big details. The MOST important thing: The bride needs to be able to dance!” —Seth, married, whose wife wore an A-line dress with clean lines. She was definitely able to dance!
To conclude: Strapless is good. Poufy is bad. The jury is still out on cleavage. But the bride had BETTER be able to dance!

Have you ever asked your guy what kind of wedding dresses he likes? Do you think he could tell you anything about ANY wedding dress, other than the fact that they’re generally long and white?

This Poll was taken from

Creative Wedding Ideas on a Budget

AspensKeeping a wedding within a small budget can be very challenging, but there are a few ways to do it an still make it a remarkable event.

Try the CSU Oval for a Ceremony

The Oval is a beautiful location for many students that have attended CSU and has special meaning and can be very inexpensive.
Also the campus has event centers for receptions.

Also City Park in Fort Collins or a host of other parks in the area and beautiful.

If an indoor venue is important try Barn Weddings it gives a rustic feel and can be a lot of fun. and the reception can be hosted there as well.  check with local farms just outside the city limits.